While personal training is at the core of our business, we work closely with our clients to develop a holistic approach to their overall health and wellness. Driving sustainable change to unlock a more fulfilling life. 


Our Mission

Simply put, we want you to reach your own personalised goals and feel inspired to take on new ones. To instill in you a sense of passion for living and moving, as we advise and accompany you through our ACTIVATE - STRETCH - REACH Performance and Wellness Model. 

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activate your goals

All journeys start with a personalised one to one assessment to understand your goals, record some base level metrics and get a sense of what your body and mind need to be at their best.

Next we'll talk diet, rest & recovery, exercise, stress and supplements and look beyond personal training to your immune system, hormones, toxin levels, digestion, energy and nervous systems for a holistic solution.


stretch yourself

Your journey to peak performance and wellness will be an ever evolving process and that's how it should be - this phase equips you with essential habits and life skills to become self reliant and directed on that path. 

This means challenging yourself and turning your focus to what will stretch you both mentally and physically. 



This phase is about applying everything you've learnt to achieve your  "Horizon Target", a challenge set for you by the person you want to be.

Through the same level of dedicated one to one support, we will help you assemble a team and provide the high-performance coaching you need to achieve your "Horizon Target". 

Then we kick the whole process off again!

All our programmes stem from a health based approach to your goal. We don’t believe in trashing our clients with high intensity training and not managing all aspects of health.
— John Belton, Head Coach and Owner

eXamples of client goals 

  • Eat for a healthier liftestyle
  • Build base level strength
  • Optimise physical performance
  • Optimise mental performance
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Look good naked
  • Keep burn out at bay
  • Achieve career longevity
  • Improve movement quality
  • Reignite energy levels