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Success Stories

“Whether I’m preparing for a shoot, or just want to keep my fitness up while travelling, I love coming to Dublin because I get to work out with John Belton. He pushes me to do my best, mixing things up so I never know what’s coming next… Just that I’m going to feel it the next day. Workouts are intense, very results-driven and enjoyable too.”
Millie Mackintosh



“Dear John,

It’s a few weeks since the wellness programme you ran for us was completed and so I thought I’d drop you a note on my assessment of the programme.

The III’s core business is knowledge and its dissemination. This requires high calibre and motivated staff who can sustain superior levels of quality and concentration. We set and promote professional standards within the insurance sector and therefore we must adhere and exceed these to be successful. A dynamic and stimulating office environment is necessary to support this and the Board together with the senior management work tirelessly to create and support this. This is easy to say rather than achieve and a range of initiatives are explored to maintain morale in a fast moving and demanding office. Time poverty is just as prevalent throughout the III as it is elsewhere and the staff do find it a challenge to strike the correct life/work balance to maintain the standards expected of them.

It was with some scepticism that I greeted the suggestion that all management and staff should sign up to a New Year’s wellness programme to be designed and delivered by you and your colleagues. I was literally amazed to learn that all but a tiny minority became excited by the prospect and as you will recall, some of those who initially refrained for enrolling did so after your introductory session. The variety of the programme together with the caring and supportive approach adopted by you and the rest of your team became a ‘must’ for the participants and commitment actually increased as the programme progressed.

The success of the programme is evidenced by the fact that the institute has committed further funding to extend the programme at an adjusted level for the rest of the year. The excitement continues and it is a sheer pleasure to see so many enjoying a greater sense of wellness and muchly improved diets and figures!

Thank you most sincerely for all you have done for the institute.

Warm regards

Eamon Shackleton”

CEO The Insurance Institute of Ireland


Roxanne Parker, 35,

Is a fashion stylist with a background in journalism, She runs her own styling business , regularly appearing on TV, and working both in Ireland and abroad for magazine and advertising clients. She is currently studying for a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition in CNM and will qualify as a nutritional therapist in 2016.


When I walked through the doors of No17 Personal training I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, I had just come out of a difficult relationship and I was staring down the shotgun of my 35th birthday and not feeling too good about the prospect of getting older!

I felt stressed out, burnt out and exhausted. The toil of a being self employed and juggling my business and finances with studying part time as a mature student and dealing with a broken heart had pushed me to the edge of what I could cope with. I needed an intervention and something deep inside me told me exercise was the answer. On a friends recommendation I booked a consultation with John Belton and knew immediately I had done the right thing. I didn’t ask for thinner thighs, a smaller waistline or to drop a dress size in a week- I told John I needed to get strong; mentally strong,. I needed to become stronger than I had ever been, strong enough to stand up the challenges been thrown my way. Strong enough to pick myself up off the floor and start again. I was willing to do the work I just needed someone to show me the way. Read Roxanne’s full story here


no17-ss-melanie“Whether I’m gearing up for a big occasion, training for a race or just trying on to stay healthy, fit and strong, I know I’m a better, happier person when I’ve been to No.17. The transformation to body and mind is unbeatable while the expert trainers are encouraging, knowledgeable and dedicated to help every client meet their individual goals. John Belton worked me into the shape of my life for my wedding. I honestly never felt better, fitter, happier or healthier.”

– Melanie Morris; Editor in Chief IMAGE magazine.



no17-ss-melanie“No. 17 has honestly changed my life. I’m going in to my 40s in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’ve never felt so fit, and never eaten as healthily as I do now. And I really enjoy the unpredictability of Mark’s sessions.”

– Trevor Rigley.

“Hi John, just wanted to drop you a quick message to say what a great service you guys at No 17 give. Since I started in mid-November (2013) I can honestly say I love going for my weekly sessions in your gym. It’s the first time ever from working out that I’m starting to get noticeable results. The clean eating has really made a massive difference. It’s tough but certainly works & is worth it. Mark has been a great trainer & I would certainly recommend him to anybody. He pushes me hard but knows what I’m capable off and what my limits are. Also I never thought I’d say it but I actually kind of enjoy squats & lunges now that I’m doing them right!”

– Elaine Gollogly.



“Since I’ve started to train with the Team at No.17 my improvements have been continuous and I’ve become a stronger, fitter, faster and injury free athlete. Using the services of a No.17 Personal Trainer takes away the guesswork of not knowing what I should be doing and it helps get the maximum benefit from my limited time and the results speak for themselves. I’m more motivated knowing that I’m training with some of the best in the business.”


The vStream Group is an Irish company working in the fast paced sector of technology Experiences for sports, retail and entertainment brands. Our work takes us all over the world, with high pressure high profile projects and tight deadlines. Pressure and stress is a constant battle.
We began working with John Belton and his team at Number 17 to create a company wellness scheme. This comprised an holsitic apprach to health, including nutrition, stress management and group personal training sessions. The results were phenomenal. Baguettes and burritos were replaced with salads and sushi for lunch. Morale, creativity, and enthusiasm were at an all time high, with sickness and absenteeism almost non existent. I would highly recommend John and the team at Number 17 for your corporate wellness initiatives. They are more than just talented personal trainers, they help your team make positive, long lasting, life changes that transcend the workplace.

I have been asked by John Belton to provide him with an independent reference regarding No. 17 Personal Training in Dublin; I am delighted to do so. I am 64 years old and a former lawyer; I now live in Dublin and Verbier. Having played first class rugby in England during the late 70s, I have extensive experience of fitness regimes, gyms and personal trainers. In November 2015, I was overweight and unfit and I was politely told by my wife that a change was due. Having embarked on the usual gym visits (which were uninspiring) I was introduced to John in August 2016 and, now, when in Dublin, I train with him at least 3 times a week.

Having worked with many so-called personal trainers over the years, I was immediately impressed by John’s scientific analysis of my body and its fitness. His assessment involved physical measurements of my body (which are now updated on a monthly basis) and accurate assessment of my fitness, both of which were poor. I was nervous, as anyone would be when faced with new challenges, people and environment, but John’s calm and reassuring manner soon sorted my misgivings. Since 2016 I have made significant progress; I am now stronger and fitter, more conscious of my approach to lifestyle issues and more intellectually alert.

John’s holistic approach to wellness is an essential hallmark of what No. 17 offer their clients. He has a strong and loyal client basis in Dublin, many of who I have come to know well. He is a skilled operator who is reliable, punctual and an inspiration to all those he trains; I am fortunate to be one of those people. I have no hesitation in recommending John and No.17 to anyone who needs to focus on their fitness and wellbeing.

Simon Cooper


The corelation between personal health and professional performance is now widely recognised. John Belton and No 17 have helped me hit my peak, address my stressors, and consider my wellness as a crucial part of my working day. I am fitter, faster and sharper because of them.