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Nutrition is something we place extensive emphasis on at No.17 Personal Training. The main driving force in this is the recognition that you cannot out-train a bad diet. That is to say, that no matter how much you go to the gym, you cannot undo the downsides of a poor diet with exercise alone. Having optimal nutrition is a key component in health and in fat loss, and as such, both a good diet and exercise must go together.

We also don’t like to use to use the term “diet” at No.17, because the word implies restriction, hunger and as being defined as something that will someday be over. We strive to educate our clients about food and about how to make the better food choices, and we certainly don’t want people to be miserable and hungry on our program. We also don’t want this to be a 30 day cleanse, but rather a change in your lifestyle for the better. By feeding your body with the correct building blocks to create and sustain a healthy body, our clients find that they lose body fat, tone up with exercise and feel all-round better. Having a good diet will not only shape your physique in an aesthetically pleasing manner, but it will increase your energy, improve your mood and help with digestive issues from which you may be suffering. Many of our clients report and increase in concentration span having changed their lifestyle according to our recommendations, despite never having realized that they suffered from brain fog until the weather cleared. “You don’t know how good you can feel until you feel it”.

This will involve a comprehensive approach where each individual is assessed by their trainer and a food plan designed specifically for them, as we have come to realise that no two people are the same. We look at the balance of macro-nutrients in your diet (protein, carbohydrates and fats), your fluid intake and your meals based on portion sizes and timing. Also of consideration are the respective intolerances that the client may have with regards to certain food types.

An excellent diet, coupled with training in our facility will 100% have you looking and feeling better.